April 24  2021

A beautiful and successful fishing trip with our Haynie 24Cat

March 19 2021

New Infrared DSLR Camera Shoot in Port Aransas, Texas 

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October 31 2020

A nice trip that yielded some great fishing

Summer 2021

A glorious summer with

families aboard my boats!

Photography Tours - Fishing and Sundown Cruises.  

We have 2 boats, an offshore Wellcraft Coastal with a flushing toilet for your convenience and a Haynie 24Cat for exploring the shallow water flats.  

Captain Tim Mikeska, USCG Master 100 Tons



See the beauty of the Texas Gulf Coast

At Mikeska Coastal Services, we know about the amazing connection that can occur when guests see and explore a whole new world away from land on our Texas Gulf Coast.  Let us guide you in that amazing journey, 

it all started with one Charter in 1966

Rockport Texas, 1966, the young son of a Texas BBQ Legend, takes a charter boat ride aboard the Mary Lou in Aransas Bay to St. Joe Island.  Only 10 years later, that teenage boy would buy his first of 8 boats that started his love of the ocean.  Cruising and fishing the Texas Gulf Coast and the inland Highland Lakes became an integral part of his life.  Today, he shares his joy of the ocean with his family and friends.  Welcome aboard..... ! 

  • Sunset Cruises to the Lydia Ann Lighthouse
  • Dolphin Watch in the CC Ship Channel
  • Beach Excursions to the Islands in Aransas Bay
  • Aerial Photography and Videography of your boats, home, real estate
  • Wildlife and Aquatic Life Tours
  • Burial at Sea (ashes) with Aerial Videography 
  • Offshore and Inshore Excursions
  • Towing Response
  • Inshore Bay and Flats Fishing
  • Aerial Coastal Survey
  • Platform Thermal Survey
  • Self Guided Tours
  • Self Guided Diving/Snorkeling 
  • Infrared Digital Photography and Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis of Coastal Homes and Business
  • Private Search and Rescue Operations